Every once in awhile I get some questions regarding Mimi and the Goo Goos.  I've listed them here with some answers, along with some questions that I came up with myself.

How can I contact you?

Click "Contact Me" on the side. Please provide a valid email address if you'd like to hear back from me.

Where can I buy Mimi and the Goo Goos?

They are no longer available in stores.  Your best source will be eBay (keep checking!) or do a Google search.  I believe there are a few people out there who have some for sale.

Do you sell Mimi and the Goo Goos?

Generally no.  Occasionally I have sold extras on eBay, but I don't have any right now that I'm willing to sell.

Where did you get your collection?

Mostly from eBay.  I also purchased some from friends, some from sites I found searching the internet, and even a couple at Goodwill.  To complete my collection, a good friend found the piece I was missing from the Toaster--a small tray that I thought would be hopeless to find.

When were Mimi and the Goo Goos made?

The dates on them are 1994 & 1995.  I'm not sure the years they were available in the stores.

Who made Mimi and the Goo Goos?

The same people who brought us Polly Pocket...Bluebird Toys (UK) Ltd, Swindon, England.  In the US and internationally they were distributed by Mattel and carried both the Mattel and Bluebird Logos.  Later, Bluebird Toys was bought out by Mattel.  Click here for news story.

How did they come up with the name Mimi and the Goo Goos?

This quote was taken from an auction on eBay in 2002.  The seller, Catherine, had been an employee of Bluebird Toys in Swindon, England: "This product was originally going to be called 'Lulu and the Goo Goos'after Bluebird Toys Managing Directors' daughter, Lulu. But at the time of release in the US there was already a doll called Lulu so it had to be renamed Mimi worldwide."

An acquaintance of mine told me that in a 1995 Mattel dealer's catalog the line is listed as "Suzy and the Goo Goos."

On US and International packaging (which both have the Mattel and Bluebird logos) there is a note that says "GOO GOOS owned by Dakin, Inc., and used with permission.  The UK packaging with just the Bluebird logo does not have this note.  I was never able to find anything out about that.