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Triple Coin Boxes

Triple Coin Boxes EFFECT: A coin is borrowed from a spectator which he marks for later identification. The magician takes the coin and causes it to vanish. Now, he walks over to a box which has been in full view all the time. The box is opened and an inner box removed. This box is given to the spectator to unlock and open. Inside he finds that the box is full of beans. The end of a ribbon is sticking up out of the beans. The spectator is asked to take hold of the ribbon and carefully pull it out. Attached to the other end of the ribbon is a smaller box wrapped with rubber bands. He removes the rubber bands and finds his marked coin inside.

Note: This trick was originally manufactured by Stillwell. Arturo later built some when he worked for Abbotts, and also when he worked for Grant. As far as I know they were all painted. I am building a limited number, mostly in natural wood. Each box will be from a different and contrasting wood. - Mel Babcock, Aug. 2002

Suggested venue: Stage/Platform

Triple Coin Boxes ................... $240.00

Prices include shipping to any of the 48 continental states.

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