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The Elusive Teddy Bear

Elusive Teddy Bear EFFECT: A plaque with a picture of a three-colored teddy bear is removed from a small stand, and the door on the stand is closed. The plaque with the bear is placed inside a two-door container, and its doors are closed. The container is then tilted to one side, and the door on the opposite side is opened to show that the teddy bear has "vanished." This is similar to the old sucker die box effect. However, each time the container is tilted, the audience gets a flash of the teddy bear sliding from one compartment to the other. The magician continually opens the opposite door to show the bear "gone." This is done a number of times; but in the end, both doors are opened to show the teddy bear really is gone. The door to the original stand is now opened to show the teddy bear has returned "home." The frames for this effect are normally finished in a natural wood finish. Painted frames for this effect are available by special order only.

Suggested venue: Stage/Platform

The Elusive Teddy Bear ............................. $175.00

Prices include shipping to any of the 48 continental states.

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