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ABC Blocks
Bill Box - Magnetic 
Block and Ball Transposition
Block and Silk Transposition
Block, Bolt and Coin Penetration
Block, Frame and Ribbon Penetration
Block Production Box
Card Boxes - Magnetic
Coin Tray
Coin Vanish
Cords, Rings and Treasure Chest
Dice Boxes
Die Boxes
Die, Frame and Cord Penetration
Die Tunnel and Mini-Die Tunnel 
Double Block Release
Drawer Box
Elusive Teddy Bear
Flap Boxes
Flat Dice

The Magic House of Babcock
by Michael S. Richman
Published in 2003
Limited to 500 autographed copies
Flying Die
Instant Transposition
Lippincott Coin Box
Magic Wands
Mirror Boxes
Okito Alphabet Block
Phantom Die (Improved)
Pivot-Lid Coin Box
Psychic Arithmetic
Rainbow Die Box
Ring and Box Trick
Ring and Post Puzzle
Rubik's Puzzle Solving Box
See-Thru Block Box
Silver Dollar and Brass Washer
Square Circle
Triple Coin Boxes
Twin Tube Block Penetration
Vanishing Deck of Cards  

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