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All Magic House of Babcock products are personally hand-crafted by Mel Babcock, and those products are in great demand by magicians and collectors. As a result, not all products may be available at the time ordered and may have to be built on order. Customers will be notified via email if an item is not in stock and advised as to when they might expect delivery. In no case will an item be charged to a customer's credit card until the product is shipped.

Walnut is the most popular wood used in Magic House of Babcock products. Occasionally other hard and exotic woods are used, dependent on availability.

All products are manufactured in natural finishes. Painted products must be specially ordered.

Posted prices include shipping costs to any of the 48 continental United States. If ordering from Alaska, Hawaii, or other countries and paying by check or money order, call in advance to obtain information about additional shipping charges. On credit card orders, additional shipping charges will automatically be applied.

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