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    Born in St. Louis in 1908, Gellhorn distinguished herself as a journalist and war correspondent, as well as a short story writer and novelist.  Her journalistic career spans from the late 1920's, through the Spanish Civil War, World War II, Vietnam,  conflict in the Middle East and Central America. The last war front she covered was Panama when she was well into her 80s.  Her most recent journalism was filed only a few years ago from Brazil and Oman.

    Her fiction span the decades, too, with numerous short stories and novels. Her most profound work is The Wine of Astonishment/Point of No Return.  Published just after World War II, it is a poignant story, vivid in detail.

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An Unscathed Tourist of Wars

I began my academic career with this paper on Martha Gellhorn.  I decided that even though it wasn't the best or most recent work I've done, it is the best brief overview of her career.

Martha Gellhorn and the Human Legacy of War

This is the most recent work I've done on Gellhorn.  It was written for a panel on Gellhorn at the Seina College World War II conference in 1995 in Loudonville, NY.  It deals primarily with her career during World War II.   I had a difficult time getting this one formatted, and apologize for any translation difficulties.
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Bibliographic Notes
    The best piece of advice I can give you is to read Gellhorn's work.  There is no substitute for reading her original pieces.  There are several collections that make this very easy. The Face of War and The View From the Ground are collections of journalism.  As for fiction, my suggestions are the novel The Wine of Astonishment/Point of No Return and The Honeyed Peace, a collection of short stories.  If you get hold of these and are hungry for more, e-mail me and can suggest other selections and bibliographies.  Some are available through the Internet Links. Also if you are interested in digging up a dissertation, the first scholarly work on Gellhorn is available ---Jacqueline Elizabeth Orsagh, A Critical Biography of Martha Gellhorn.  Ann Arbor: University Microfilms, 7815159, 1977.

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Numerous sites mentioning Martha Gellhorn listed here, including interviews with Gellhorn, obituaries and miscellaneous mentions on the web.

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