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Estate Planning and Administration

• Wills and Trusts
• Community Property Agreements
• Health Care and Financial Powers of Attorney
• Probate and Trust Administration
• IRA Rollovers and Beneficiary Designations

Senior and Disabled Planning

• Special/Supplemental Needs Trusts
• Incapacity and Long Term Care Planning
• Selecting a Nursing Home
• Counseling about Living Wills and Advanced Directives
• Guardianships and Avoiding Guardianships
• Medicaid Planning
• Medicaid Eligibility, Applications and Appeals

Estate Administration and Probate

• Personal Representative Services
• Trustee Services
• Beneficiary Services

Elder Law

Elder Law is a conglomeration of traditional areas of law which are related to each other and concern seniors. Elder Law includes clients of all ages who have disabilities, life-threatening illnesses, or who need advice regarding government assistance or tax planning and families of such individuals. 

Estate Planning

Talking about death or the possibility that disease or an accident may leave you incapable of caring for yourself can be unnerving, but it should not keep you from being prepared.

There are a multitude of Wills, Trusts, and other estate planning tools.  Peggi has invested many years of study in estate planning so that she can benefit her clients.  Peggi analyzes each client’s situation, goals, needs and budget and then makes recommendations tailored specifically to that client – “one size does not fit all.” 

Planning for Persons with Disabilities

Disabled individuals who are medically or physically already qualified for 
government benefits (such as SSD, SSI, Medicaid and Medicare) can lose benefits if they receive assets or income, through inheritance or personal injury settlements. 

Peggi helps protect or reinstate disability benefits while benefiting her disabled clients with retention of their inheritance, or personal injury recovery. 

Medicaid Planning

Nursing homes are an expensive reality for many elderly and disabled individuals. 

Peggi helps clients and their families, depending on their specific facts and circumstances obtain Medicaid assistance without spending all of their assets by using special planning strategies. 

Estate Administration and Probate

Probate is a court supervised administration to transfer assets from the decedent to his beneficiaries under a Will.  Non probate administration does not require court supervision to transfer assets.  Examples of non-probate administration are assets passing under a Community Property Agreement, assets passing under a Trust, or assets passing according to beneficiary designations.

Peggi assists clients with the estate settlement process, either through the probate process or through non-probate processes. 


When an individual has significant problems managing his financial affairs or personal care, has not executed a Power of Attorney and lacks capacity to execute a Power of Attorney, a guardianship may be considered. 

Guardianships are generally allowed only when an individual has a mental incapacity causing a significant risk of harm.  This must be evidenced by a demonstrated inability to manage property or financial affairs, or a demonstrated inability to adequately provide or arrange for one's nutrition, health, housing or physical safety.  Age, medical diagnosis, eccentricity, or poverty alone is not enough to justify a guardianship. 

Peggi helps clients establish a guardianship to provide the day-to-day assistance that some incapacitated individuals need. Vested with control over various aspects of the incapacitated individual’s life, clients can maximize the incapacitated individual’s quality of life through a support network of qualified professionals, friends and family. 

Elder Abuse

The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that there may be as high as 5 million cases of financial abuse annually in the USA.  Peggi helps stop the abuse, helps stop the depletion of assets and helps provide a long-term solution to stop the contact between the abuser and the abused. 

Peggi Moxley, Attorney at Law

Peggi has a law degree from the University of Idaho and a post law degree in Taxation from the University of Washington.

Peggi is a member of the Washington State Bar Association, and served on the Board of the Elder Law Section of the Washington State Bar during its 2003-2006 years. Peggi is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and presently serves on the Board of its Washington Chapter.  She is a member of the Chelan Douglas Estate Planning Council and served as its president during its 2006-2007 year. 

Peggi’s involvement in the community extends beyond her legal practice.  She has served on the Chelan-Douglas United Way Board since 1999 and served as its president during its 2004-2006 years.  Peggi has been a member of Wenatchee Central Lions since 2000 and served as a vice president during its 2003-2005 years.  Peggi has previously served on the boards of the Wenatchee Valley College Foundation, Wenatchee Valley Senior Activity Center, and Wellness Place. 

216 South Mission Street
Wenatchee, Washington 98801
Phone: (509) 662-2031
Fax: (509) 888-0778