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Cascade Soaring Society is a glider club operating out of Pangborn airport in Wenatchee, WA from March thru November.

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  Site: CSS is located at one of the most spectacular soaring sites in the western United States. The favorable geography, excellent weather, and wide open areas give a glider pilot just the right conditions to explore the excitement of the soaring sport to its fullest extent, soaring in thermals, on the ridge, and in the wave. The airport is at 1,250 feet elevation just east of the Cascade range which rises to 10, 500 feet. The mountains scrub the Pacific air of most of its humidity, providing for superb thermal-forming conditions in Eastern Washington with cloud bases frequently above 10,000 feet. The airport is surrounded on three sides by ridges rising 2,000 feet above the field. There are numerous safe outlanding areas, especially to the east, where a treeless plateau with plowed fields averaging 2,500 feet in elevation stretches for over one hundred miles. Running north and south is the majestic Columbia River, cutting a half-mile deep basalt canyon. From the southwest to northwest, the Cascade mountains offer thrills to any challenge-seeking mountain soaring connoisseur.

People: CSS is one of the oldest glider clubs in Washington state. About a decade after W.W.II it relocated from Puget Sound to Fancher Field in Wenatchee, and then eventually to Pangborn Memorial Airport. Currently the club has twenty six full and four student members. Among them are four instructors, five towpilots, the airport manager, and a number of experienced cross-country pilots donating their time and expertise to the club.

Activities: CSS members soar gliders for their enjoyment. Students receive ground and flight instruction, and those with licenses venture on cross-country flights. The club holds several open houses during the year and organizes social gatherings.
Airport patterns and rules: Pangborn is a busy uncontrolled airport with a complex mix of traffic. View the traffic pattern, read about the available weather and radio advisories, and about the Pangborn airport rules. Understanding and applying the rules will help us stay welcome at Pangborn.

Fleet: The club's fleet consists of one Cessna 150/150 towplane, two-place gliders Blanik L-13 and Lark IS-28B2, and single-place gliders L33 Solo and LS-3A. There are trailers for each of the gliders.

Facilities: The club owns a hangar which includes a pilots' lounge with kitchen, a workshop and a restroom with shower.

Club mailing address: One Pangborn Drive, East Wenatchee, WA 98802. Tel: (509) 884-2494.

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How do you find us? From East Wenatchee follow Grant Road for 3 miles to Pangborn Airport, turn right at the Fedex sign, go straight for 0.5 mile, continue on the same road (which then angles to the left) for 0.2 mile, turn right into the parking lot with glider trailers. Click here for the map.

 Telephone at the glider hangar at the airport (club house):
(509) 886-0811

Contact with pilots by radio:
123.0 Pangborn/Wenatchee traffic
123.3 Gliders


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Wenatchee Pangborn Airport - the airport from where we fly: (official airport information about airline flight schedules, ground transportation, hotels, weather, contacts, community links, and frequently asked questions).
Soaring Society of America official website. We are there as well!

Links to soaring weather information

Minute-to-minute weather at Pangborn (ASOS): (509) 886-4226 or 119.925 MHz
Soaring forecast Wenatchee (Kevin Ford)
Today - NOAA soaring forecast Wenatchee
Tomorrow - NOAA soaring forecast Wenatchee
Soaring forecast - dr. Jack
General forecast for Wenatchee area
Winds Aloft
Soundings for Wenatchee
Current and past Weather in Wenatchee
Weather Para- and Hang Gliding
National Weather Service (Spokane)
Current Satellite Image (1km resolution)
Satellite Weather Loop
WEBCAM from Pangborn towards Mission Ridge
Mission Ridge (509)-663-3200
Wave Calendar (updates on mountain waves in the Wenatchee area in a typical season)
Links to soaring airspace restrictions
Temporary airspace closures (due to fires, etc.)

Inspirational articles by club members

Vítek's Aerial Treks
The Awesome Mt. Rainier Wave


Contact one of the club's instructors to find out about the next available ground school.

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