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* LAK-17B FES 

* LAK-13.5 mini FES self-launcher 

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LAK-20 two-place glider
LAK-12 older open class glider

* LAK-T5 trailer

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Blanik America, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of LAK sailplanes for the U.S.A.


Pricing, Inclusions, Options, Delivery and Payment Terms

Welcome to new LAK-17Bfes, LAK-17Cfes and miniLAK glider buyers in America an elsewhere in the World, BLANIK AMERICA's esteemed customers.
Note. All prices listed are subject to change until firmed in a Purchase Agreement and the Order Deposit is transferred. The prices shown indicate the last sale. Call or email Blanik America for the latest price update. 

The miniLAK received the EASA Type Certificate. 

On December 22, 2020, the European Aviation Safety Agency issued the Type Certificate for the LAK-17B FES mini. 

World Records in the miniLAK 

During July 2020 miniLAK co-owner Phil Rose made a number of spectacular flights in the miniLAK. Validation of records is pending. Look here for maps, statistics, and more.

miniLAK self launchers come to America

has started delivering the long-awaited miniLAKfes self launchers to America.

Congratulations Justin Shaw! The owner of miniLAKfes self launcher. Look at the happy grin on his face.

Photos courtesy of Justin Shaw. Click on the images for larger view.

One of the new owners, Jamie Shore, has been kind enough to permit us to share with you his experiences. See for yourself by logging onto OLC and view Jamie's flights.

miniLAK comes to America

Congratulations to the first U.S. buyer on ordering the LAK-13,5 Mini ! 

Here are more photos of this excellent new glider. Click here.

  • LAK-17B FES received the EASA Type Certificate. 

    On October 31, 2014, the European Aviation Safety Agency issued the Type Certificate for the LAK-17B FES. 

  • 21 meter wing extension for LAK17B gliders

    We are excited to announce the availability of a brand new wing extension for LAK17B gliders. The wing extension increases the wing span to 21 meters, making the LAK17B an Open Class glider in that configuration. This increases the versatility of LAK17B in addition to its 18 meter and 15 meter wingspans which have been available already. An introductory incentive is available to first five worldwide buyers ordering the 21 m extensions during the month of September.

  • The LAK-17B FES Flight Impression

    Five-page article with photos published in the March 2013 issue of the SOARING magazine.

  • LAK-17B FES drew a big crowd at the SSA 2012 Convention in Reno

    The high performance racing sailplane LAK-17B with electric propulsion was exhibited at the Soaring Society of America Convention in Reno during the first week of February 2012.

  • Picture presentation LAK-17B FES at Reno .

  • Read more about the LAK-17B FES here.

  • There is quite an active group of owners and interested pilots, focused on the LAK high performance sailplanes. The owners publish comments and photos, and keep in contact with each other through the LAK-17 newsgroup.


Information Request

Click here * to send us a request for additional information. If you have not contacted us before, please make sure to add your name, name of your club or school, your function there, address, phone and fax number. Please be specific about what information you need, so that we can best help you.

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